The World’s Best Cannabis Strains

Platinum’s Clones offers the world’s best cannabis strains for cultivation. We flower verify all of our strains and guarantee the most potent phenotypes to grow the highest quality medicine – you’ll appreciate the difference!

forbidden runtz

Runtz x Forbidden Zkittlez

This strain has very high yields, with long, sharp spears as main colas. Fading to a plum purple, it smells and tastes of candy and gas mixed in an even balance. Expect both Indica and heavy Sativa effects, ranging from the heavy Indica of the Runtz to the wild mix of Sativa hybrids in the Forbidden Zkittlez.

Singapore Sling

Tiki Cookies x Creamsicle

Some of Tiki Madman’s best work, Singapore Sling has a lineage of Tiki Cookies x Creamsicle. Tiki Cookies is a cookie leaning phenotype of Tropicana banana while Creamsicle  is a cross between Purple Punch and Cookies and Cream.